Maldivian Pearls and their beautiful story


Maldivian pearls – one rope of pearls contain 105 pearls, in unique color of pink. Soon will be available the withe and yellow colors. Free shipping worldwide.

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How pearls gave me education or how these products saw the light, you can read it here.


Pearls are a precious natural gemstone, they are resilient and are meant to be worn however they require some care to ensure a lifetime of beauty. Few general details and facts about pearls and Maldivian pearls:


How to wear them:
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, hairspray, cosmetics and chemicals. They will damage the surface of the pearls – try applying products first, then wear your pearls. After wear, wipe your pearls over with a damp cloth to remove any harmful residue of the chemicals.
  • Pearl strands are strung on silk, which can stretch with wear. It is important to have your pearls restrung annually (if you wear them often). Avoid getting your pearls wet as water may also weaken the thread.
  • Avoid wearing your pearls where they may get too warm (such as while using a hairdryer / straightener). The heat may weaken the cement that some pearls are set with. 


  • This is the most common mistake made when it comes to pearl jewelry. Store your pearls separately from anything that may scratch their surface, especially other jewelry – A diamond will cut into a pearl like a knife to butter! Keep pearl strands flat so that the silk thread isn’t pulled tight, this will help lengthen the life of the thread.


How a pearl is formed and more about the type of pearls you can read here. If you are pearls lover, do not hesitate to get in contact with us for more details, and if you are looking for an affordable piece or something more fashion-forward with unique combinations of colors and shapes, shop our pearls.


It is important to cherish pearls as much as Marilyn did. We know…You’re probably thinking she was known for singing in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes about diamonds being the girl’s best friends. Well, she valued pearls and wore them with refined clothes and make-up.


Looking for a more relaxed look, appropriate for casual meetings? You can wear a pearl necklace of pearls like Marilyn did: with a simple black dress.

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Maldivian Pearls

Strand of pearls with 120 pieces.


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